Recommended Guidelines for Design And Construction Of Inground Swimming Pools In Texas

Geotechnical and Environmental Considerations for Design and Construction of Roadways

Geotechnical Considerations for the Design of Bridge Structures 03-23 - Geotech Engineering and Testing (GET)

Foundation Repair Technique l Foundation in Texas

Quality Control and Materials Testing

Asphalt Parking Facility near Hobby Airport in Houston

Design and Construction of Water-Wastwater

Design and Construction of Retaining Walls in Texas

Slope Stability of Ditches, Embankments and Distressed Ponds

Land Development 8-3-21

Percent at Fault in Forensic Engineering

Part I - Geotechnical & Env. Consider

Part II - Geotechnical & Env. Consider

Geotech Engineering and Testing

Design and Construction Commercial Structures

Tiltwall Buildings and Parking Lots

Commercial Structures

Case History in Mobile Crane and Concrete Pump Truck Failures

Geoforensic Study of Storage Dome Collapse

GHBA - Residential Foundations, Quality Control, Geoforensics

Forensic Evaluation of Distressed Building Structures

At-Grade Concrete, Asphalt and Gravel Parking Lots

Residential Foundations Webinar - 09-29-21