A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) Study provides an impartial overview of the environmental compliance record of a project site. If contamination is suspected, an Environmental Phase II ESA and Phase III remediation study may also be conducted. The scope of the Phase I Site ESA will typically include interviews with past and present property owners, review of aerial photos, regulatory agency records, and review of any previous investigations conducted at the site.

A Phase II Study includes field sampling and laboratory analyses to evaluate the type and extent of contamination. A Phase III Remediation Study consists of an engineering study to remediate any contamination. GET’s environmental services consist of the following:

  • Full (ASTM) Environmental Site Assessment Studies, ASTM E 1527
  • Limited Environmental Site Assessment Transaction Screen Study, ASTM E 1528
  • Phase II ESA. ASTM E 1903
  • Phase III Remediation Action Plan (RAP)

GET has a staff of corrective action project managers (CAPM), professional engineers, and geologists to help clients solve their environmental problems. GET has practical and cost-effective solutions for environmental contamination.

For more information on our capabilities, review our Environmental Services Statement of Qualifications.