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Geotech (GET) and it's staff members have many years of experience in conducting geotechnical engineering services for more than 20,000 projects. The firm conducts nearly 1000 projects a year. We can provide our services anywhere in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma.

Virtually every structure requires consideration of subsurface features unique to the locale. The geotechnical consulting engineer evaluates the characteristics and behavior of subsurface soils, then interprets this data and makes recommendations on soils parameters which may be used for design or remedial purposes.

Field Equipment

GET is equipped with four drilling rigs, including, two beavers. Together with our subcontractors we can conduct drilling and sampling up to 150-feet. In addition, we can install monitor wells, piezometers, inclinometers and deep borings.

GET is one of the few firms in Texas which is equipped with miniature rigs. These rigs are small enough that they can access hard to reach places, and sites that are wooded, toe of slopes, etc. without significant clearing. Furthermore, since these rigs are portable, they can easily be placed on sites with wet subgrade soil conditions which create access problems. Our rigs can also sample inside buildings.

Geotechnical Laboratory

GET's laboratory testing has the capabilities to perform geotechnical testing under controlled conditions to evaluate standardized test of materials, as well as tests of new materials used in research and development.

The GET laboratory conducts laboratory testing to evaluate soil classification, shear strength, compaction, compressibility, swell potential, permeability, etc. Our tests are conducted in general accordance with ASTM standards.

While engineering identifies the problems and the probable causes, the results of laboratory testing and analysis establishes the facts and parameters involved. Field and laboratory testing of soils, construction materials, and groundwater often compliment each other. In a complete testing program, they work together to assure accurate and adequate knowledge of the materials used during design, construction and evaluation of potential subsoil and groundwater contamination problems.

Geotechnical Engineering ServicesEngineering Analysis and Report

The field and laboratory data together with our engineering recommendations will be presented in an engineering report. The report will address the specific project design, construction, and quality control requirements.


Geotechnical Engineering and Testing